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Spa Serum Hot Tub Cleaning Kit

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Spa Serum Hot Tub Cleaning Kit

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Product Information

Spa Serum Hot Tub Cleaning Kit

Hot Tub Serum Cleaning Kit Includes:

1 - Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance 16oz

1 - Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse Purge Gel 2oz

1 - Hot Tub Ultra Mitt

This is a high quality product that will outlast most of the other manufactures' Spa Cleaning kits Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance is part of a total cleaning system that consists of two steps.

  • Hot Tub Serum Total Clean System cures water care issues that plague hot tubs by preventing recurring build-up of bio-matter and sludge. If you have these water care issues that never seem to go away, you need the Hot Tub Serum Total Clean System.
  • Hot Tub Serum Total Clean System will also cut the time spent on cleaning the hot tub and use it on the Hot Tub Cover and Filter cartridges too.Simple and easy to useHelps keep water balanced Keeps water clean and clear
  • Helps to enjoy the hot tub experience longer
  • Ultimately safe and very effective
  • Improves hot tub performance



Add 1 level tsp per 380L (100 US gallons) of HOT TUB SERUM® Total Cleanse to your hot tub water to purge and clean the plumbing lines. Open the air controls and turn the jet pump(s) on to high speed to run for 15-20 minutes. Place Filter(s) in hot tub while "Purging" .The deep cleaning scrubbing action of the foam will begin almost immediately. Brown will appear. Foaming is Normal. Stay close by and watch to ensure that the foam does not spill over the edges of the hot tub. If the foam looks like it sticky scum will overflow the hot tub, turn off your air control(s) until the foam suds dissipate significantly enough to turn the air control(s) on again. Air is an important part of the cleaning process. If your hot tub is releasing a lot of brown scum into the foam, it may be necessary to operate the pump(s) on high speed again for another 20 minutes to allow HOT TUB SERUM® Cleanse product to continue to remove the scum and gunk that has built up in your plumbing lines. After purging and deep cleaning is complete, turn off the pump(s) completely. Remove filter(s) from the tank of the hot tub and rinse them thoroughly.


Start draining the water from your hot tub following the directions in your Hot Tub Owner's Manual. As an added precaution, turn off the power to your hot tub. Next, mix 120ml (4.05 US Fl. Oz) of Hot Tub SERUM® Total Maintenance product into a 3.8L (1 US gallon) bucket of water. As the old water is draining out of your hot tub, wipe down all exposed interior surfaces with this mixture using a clean cloth or sponge, working from the top down, and rinsing the surface as you go. Sticky scum and gunk stripped from inside your plumbing and deposited onto the hot tub surface may be removed with a plastic scrubbing pad. After the old water has completely drained, continue cleaning all exposed surfaces, and thoroughly rinse all inside surfaces.



Hot Tub Serum Maintenance: Reinstall your filter cartridge(s). Make sure that they were cleaned thoroughly following the instructions in STEP 1. Refill with fresh water and start your hot tub following the directions in your HotTub Owner's Manual. Balance the water: Total Alkalinity (TA) 100-180, pH 7.4-7.6, Calcium Hardness (CA) 150 -400. After balancing, shock the water with an approved sanitizer. Add an approved sanitizer as per your HOT TUB SERUM retailer's recommendation and directions.

Product CodeCK001
ManufacturerSpa Serum

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